Making decisions and creating change can be tough but it needn’t be.

Tarot can help you gain a deeper understanding of your situation, and help you make the best possible decisions for the future. I’m Kat and for over 12 years I’ve been helping people to make sense of their world.

What my customers say

Calista MacGillivray “I received a Tarot Profile from Kat and really enjoyed what flowed through. I don’t normally feel pulled to receive readings but Kat holds such beautiful energy that I was attracted to have this done. The Osho and Green Tara references really made sense to me and reflect what is going on with my path right now. The tarot cards that were picked too also helped to clarify what needs to be looked at and given light too.

Thank you Kat for sharing your gift with me, it has opened a another new perspective for me and I am so grateful. Love to you and your divine services – may they help to empower more beautiful souls on their path.”

- Calista MacGillivray, Ethereal Light


I’ve created some useful PDF workbooks for you to buy and download.

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Tarot Parties

Tarot Parties can be great fun, and a unique girlie night in! I will come to your home, read for you and your friends (in private); you make me tea, feed me chocolate and everyone has a good time. Easy!

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