Welcome to Cosmic Blue!

My name is Katrina (Kat to many!) and I am the founder of Cosmic Blue, and an Accredited UK Tarot Reader and Reiki Master/Teacher.
With my small team of readers, based in the beautiful Scottish location of Aberdeenshire, we offer a range of reading styles to help you find the reading that is exactly right for your needs
Katrina Clark - Cosmic Blue Tarot Reading
Tarot brings clarity, focus and insight to the present moment.
When we see life as an opportunity for continuous growth and awareness, we explore our lives without fear and judgement.
Accepting of ourselves and others, life can be lived…life begins where fear ends

Tarot for me, is a wonderful healing, counselling, and coaching tool that brings insight and guidance.
I want to be sure it supports the best possible choices for you.

At Cosmic Blue we are committed to working with Tarot with you to ensure you get the very best reading and guidance possible.

When you select your reader, you will have a full consultation; to be sure you are exploring the issues and areas of your life where you need the most support and insight.

Zoe Toussaint

``Wonderful beginners tarot course, amazing wise teacher ! Have learned soooo much! Thank you Katrina and the lovely group of women!!! Feeling blessed xxxxx``

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